Fonotone Records Boxed Set Released

Dust-to-Digital releases a 5-disc retrospective of the last 78 rpm record label in America. After spending his early years soaking up the sound of thousands of 78 rpm discs, record collector Joe Bussard decided in 1956 to make some recordings of a few guitar-picking pals in his local National Guard unit. Little did Bussard know that his hobby would turn into a 14 year odyssey which would result in hundreds of custom-made 78 rpm records to be issued on his own Fonotone label out of his parents' basement in Frederick, Maryland. Audio restoration and mastering by Michael Graves, Osiris Studio.

Osiris Studio Begins Audio Restoration and Preservation of Vince Guaraldi’s Peanuts Soundtracks

Over the last few years David Guaraldi, son of the late jazz pianist Vince Guaraldi, has been working with Osiris Studio’s Michael Graves on a number of Vince Guaraldi re-issue projects. Now Osiris Studio is proud to play a continued part in the musical legacy of Vince Guaraldi by restoring and preserving original studio recordings recently discovered by his son. Over 40 open reel tapes including soundtrack recordings to many of the 15 Peanuts animated specials that Guaraldi scored, uncompleted albums, live club recordings and radio broadcasts are being carefully digitized. Once thought lost forever, the tapes were not in the best of shape when discovered. However, after careful baking and several hundred re-splices the reels of tape sound as if they were recorded yesterday.

Vince Guaraldi - With The San Francisco Boys Chorus Released

D&D records releases the long out-of-print and highly collectable, Vince Guaraldi with The San Francisco Boys Chorus. Only a few hundred copies of this LP were pressed when it was originally released on Guaraldi’s own D&D imprint in 1967. With no master tapes in existence, Osiris Studio has carefully restored and remastered the album to its original glory for CD issue using the vinyl LP as the master source. The release of Vince Guaraldi with The San Francisco Boys Chorus marks the point at which all of Guaraldi’s commercial recordings made during his lifetime are finally now available to the public on CD. Co-production, audio restoration and mastering by Michael Graves, Osiris Studio.

NRC Recordings Receive Audio Restoration from Osiris Studio

Founded in 1958, Atlanta’s National Recording Corporation started the careers of many country, rock and rock-a-billy musicians including Jerry Reed, Joe South, Ray Smith and Ray Stevens. After releasing hundreds of great records in the early 1960’s the short-lived National Recording Corp. closed its doors. During the late 1980’s Georgia music producer and studio owner, Johnny Carter, a life long NRC fan himself, took the name NRC for his recording studio in Rome, Georgia. Carter has recently acquired the master use rights to the entire NRC catalog and has chosen Michael Graves’ Osiris Studio to restore and remaster much of the original recordings for re-issue.