Osiris Studio is an audio restoration and mastering services facility using some of the most sophisticated tools and techniques available to help you release the highest quality audio content possible.  Whether you plan to release an LP, CD or digital download, Michael Graves can provide the finishing touches your project needs.

Let’s keep this simple; we specialize in helping music sound its very best; whether it was recorded last week or 1910.  And we make sure that sweet sounding music is delivered to you or your replication facility error-free and functioning correctly so that any copies made will sound as awesome as the master you approve. 

If you want to talk further about DDPs, ISRCs, ID3s, WAVs, PQs or anything else - we can do that.  Just contact us.

OSIRIS STUDIO : audio restoration

Problems? We can handle them.

What kind of sound issues can we deal with?  Just about anything.  If something is messing up your recording we can most likely fix it.  Whether you’re producing a record or a film, we can make your recording sound its best.


What does audio restoration sound like?

Optimally, like nothing.  If done skillfully audio restoration should sound completely natural.  You should hear no trace of manipulation.

And be unaware that the original sounded like this:

What's involved in the audio restoration process?

A lot!  Here's a step by step description of a typical restoration project for a very untypical Hank Williams recording.  And here's a little more information on the Moon River samples above.

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Osiris Studio is an approved Apple Digital Master facility (formerly Mastered For iTunes)

Osiris Studio is an approved Apple Digital Master facility (formerly Mastered For iTunes)