Osiris Studio provides migration, preservation and restoration services with proven experience in helping corporate, non-profit, governmental and educational organizations of all sizes maintain their collections through successfully reformatting and restoring historical audio content.


Skilled engineer

  • Michael Graves, owner and engineer; multi-GRAMMY Award winner and 10 time nominee all in the Best Historical category

  • Wealth of experience and familiarity in working with aging, fragile media

World-class equipment

  • Use of the latest, best professional-grade digital and analog audio equipment

Customer service

  • Professional and confidential

  • True understanding of issues facing collections with large archives

  • Can provide experienced counsel related to all aspects of your project and work within an established budget


  • The American Cancer Society

  • The Archdiocese of Atlanta Archives

  • The Archives of the Episcopal Church

  • The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Archives

  • The Coca-Cola Company Archives

  • Emory University Pitts Theology Library

  • Georgia Institute of Technology Music Department

  • Georgia State University Library Special Collections and Archives (Johnny Mercer Collection, Popular Music Collection, Southern Labor Collection)

  • The National Library of Medicine

  • The National Park Service:

    • Great Smoky Mountains Archives

    • Joshua Tree Archives

    • Sitka Archives

    • Yosemite Archives

  • The Rialto Center for the Arts

  • The Sacred Harp Publishing Company Archives

  • Senator Max Cleland (personal recordings made during his service in the Vietnam War)

  • U. S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, David J. Sencer CDC Museum (formerly the Global Health Odyssey Museum)


Make the original analog recording sound the best it possibly can.

Use high quality, regularly maintained playback equipment to play the original recording. Every piece of playback equipment used at Osiris Studio was chosen for its best in class performance in audio re-production. In some cases modifications have been made to an already outstanding playback device to further improve the audio quality.

Capture the best, most accurate digital representation of the analog sound.

Often overlooked, this is one of the most important tools in the preservation process. It is this single device that captures or “records” the analog sound in a digital format. Digital converters can range in price from $20 to $20,000, and as those prices indicate all converters are not created equally. We use the Prism ADA-8XR. Prism makes what is considered to be some of the most accurate analog to digital converters available in the professional audio world.

Osiris Studio takes the responsibility of converting our client’s audio artifacts to a digital format very seriously. Usually this is a onetime process for analog media reaching the end of its life. Therefore it is critical that the analog to digital conversion process be performed by only the best converter available. The Prism ADA-8XR is nothing short of state-of-the-art in this regard.

It’s also worth noting that the Library of Congress is currently using the ADA-8XR in their new facility and EMI recently chose the ADA-8XR to digitize the entire Beatles catalog for preservation and re-issue.

Make sure everything is right.

What good are great sounding digital files if the file names don’t accurately reflect the content? We regularly deal with large projects that end up producing hundreds or thousands of files. If 1 or 2 of those files ends up labeled wrong or recorded incorrectly, the integrity of the project could be in question. Quality control is essential. Osiris Studio has QC procedures in place throughout the transfer process that will ensure usable, accurate, complete sound files and the best possible representation of the analog source in digital format.