Piano Red - The Lost Atlanta Tapes Released

Piano Red, The Lost Atlanta Tapes has been released on Landslide Records. This is blues and R&B legend William “Piano Red” Perryman’s final recording. Originally recorded in 1984 in Atlanta, GA, the master tapes were stored in good conditions over the years, however as is common with tape stock from that period the tapes were showing serious signs of sticky-shed and needed to be baked before transfer. After careful baking, digitization, a little remixing and some serious remastering, The Lost Atlanta Tapes sounded like they could have been recorded yesterday. Audio restoration and mastering by Michael Graves, Osiris Studio.

Excavated Shellac: Strings Released on LP

Excavated Shellac: Strings was released today on Parlortone/Dust-to-Digital. It contains an amazing collection of rare 78 sides compiled by Jonathan Ward of the Excavated Shellac blog. Fourteen outstanding performances from the four corners of the world played on stringed instruments and recorded and released on 78 rpm records circa 1920-1950. Featuring fiddles, shamisen, charango, Paraguyan harp, Indian vina, Lebanese oud, Persian violin, Vietnamese moon guitar, and more.

This release is high resolution audio at its best. All the 78s were carefully transferred to 88.2 kHz / 24 bit digital files by Jonathan Ward in California. Then the resulting files were sent to Michael Graves for audio restoration and mastering. At no point during the process here at Osiris Studio was the audio down sampled. The vinyl master was cut directly from the high-res digital masters created here. This is an LP only release. Audio restoration and mastering by Michael Graves, Osiris Studio.